Cold appetizers

Jewish style eggs prepared in two ways 1290.-

Foie gras paté with purée of quince and peanut crust 1690.-

Hot appetizers

Latkes (potato pancake) with crispy salmon bits
and chives sour cream 1590.-

Stuffed goose neck
served on barley risotto with green onions 1590.-


- All salads can be ordered with the topping of your choice -

Baby spinach salad with beetroots, apples
and a sprinkle of walnut brittle 1290.-

Tabuleh with pomegranate 1290.-

Grilled goat’s cheese 790.-
Chicken breast 490.-
Duck breast 790.-


Matzo ball soup served in a red pot 1390.-

Lamb goulash 1190.-

Main courses

Mazagne 2290.-

Pike-perch with spinach potato 3290.-

Schnitzel served with mashed potatoes and cucumber salad 2790.-

Supreme chiken with Yafo ragout and latkes 2990.-

Duck breast served on pumpkin risotto 3190.-

Duck foie gras with tomato potatoes and confit garlic 3990.-

Goose thigh with Hannafs stuffing 3490.-

Our cholent served with goose thigh,
egg and horseradish beetroot 2990.-

Goose variations - goose liver, goose thigh, stuffed goose neck
and meat ball on a bed of cabbage noodles 3490.-

T-bone steak (400 g) with baked potatoes 5990.-

Roast saddle of venison
served with home made croquet and rosehip jam 4290.-


Flódni - the traditional jewish sweet with poppy seeds, apples and walnuts 1190.-

Chocolate soufflé with vanilla mascarpone 990.-


Our prices are in HUF which include 27% VAT but do not include the service charge. Please note that we have an additional 12% service charge.
Reservations: +36 1 787 61 64
chef: Tasnádi Ákos
Erzsébet Gastro Ltd.